Pros and Cons, photographic and Digital billboard signs

Pros and Cons, photographic and Digital billboard signs

Photographic and digital billboard signs, captures a viewers’ attention, and have a broad coverage. The public takes a lot of notice on outdoor advertising. It is therefore very important that, the potential and current advertisers should take full advantage of outdoor billboard signs, as it attracts public attention.

Most billboard signs are located on places, which are likely to be infested with traffic jams, and pedestrians, this ensures that they are easily seen. Although, there should be routine bush clearance of billboard signs, to stop the wild growth of vegetation; hence the message being spelled across will be viewed clearly.

Because, the ability, for a business entity, to sell its products, and services, very much depends on, the advertising medium in use, to attract customers. Customers today, want concise, simple, and complete information. As they do not have time for, lengthily information, whether on radio, television, or print. Among the advertising, and communication medium, in use, outdoor billboard signs, scores in brevity, and completeness, and re-enforcement, of information.

Photographic billboard signs

  • Their static nature makes communication effective.
  • They have a broad coverage, whereby, they are able to reach well into the market.
  • Straight to the point, as the amount of products, and services, being advertised is limited.
  • They are, visually noticeable and timely placed.
  • Well utilized.

Although despite their advantages photographic billboard signs

  • Photographic billboards are more expensive, to advertise on, and yet SOME outdoor advertising firms, still erect more of them rather than digital billboards. More outdoor advertising firms, should erect digital billboards, as this would protect its clients form levy increments, posed by local licensing authorities on the outdoor firms, as with digital billboards an increased rate would, be divided equally between, the different advertisers, this would result to a more economical pricing, of their billboards, if charges are ever revised or implemented.
  • Static nature makes them boring, if there is poor placement of information.
  • Good for advertising, but the technology is out dated.
  • They only capture attention if properly done.
  • Some advertisements stay on a billboard structure, for more that the required time period, this makes the viewer disinterested.

‘Majority of the photographic billboard signs, don’t give direction of what is being advertised example; a financial institution i.e ‘bank’, most of their advertisements don’t give direction to where the nearest ATM or bank is located’.

Digital billboard signs

•Several messages can be displayed at once, which makes it interesting for the viewer.
•More visually appealing.
•They are educative, and informative, as a result to their dynamic nature.
•Good addition to the traditional billboards.
•More attractive, effective, and modernizes the city.
•Are visually clear, and communicate well, both during the day, and night.
•They are able to host many advertisers; this makes them to decongest the city.
•They are entertaining.
•Easily communicate to a large audience.

‘Digital billboard replace television sets this makes the public well-informed’.
in an ongoing promotion they are best to use, thus is:
‘When one see’s someone winning, you end up enjoying, and these results to one being motivated, and ends up sending more text messages, as it brings a sense of determination’.

Although their many advantages Digital billboard signs

  • Digital billboard constantly use energy, the advertising outdoor agencies can make them more energy efficient, by using more of solar energy, thus making them to be less wasteful, and harmful, to the environment.
  • Digital billboards don’t pass information well, were there is no traffic due to their dynamic nature.
  • Are good, but in some areas outdoor agencies have poorly invested on them.
  • They don’t apply to all sectors like; village settings.
  • Time spot is little, one can bypass the message being advertised, and the slow readers are left out.
  • In some countries/regions they are few which makes them selective on the audience.

This data was from a case study, STAR Marketing Company conducted entitled:


CITY, UGANDA. (2011)

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