Outdoor media are they a possible distraction?

Outdoor media are they a possible distraction?

possible distraction of billboards

possible distraction of billboards

Outdoor media-outdoor billboard signs if poorly maintained can lead to and cause accidents, because some billboards are poorly maintained, this calls upon pedestrians, to be more careful and vigilant, when passing by, or idling under where a billboard has been erected.

Lack of inspection can lead to the mushrooming up of UN authorized billboards by companies that want part of the share in revenue from this industry. This results to poor structures being erected and might be a possible hazard to pedestrians and motorists in the long run.

Charles Ariko (Kampala) -27th April 2009 reported that:

‘…four people survived death narrowly, when a billboard advertising East Africa television, fell on two cars at the junction between, Sixth Street, and the roundabout, leading to Mukwano Industries, in central Kampala. Avish Patel the manager of Pharma health,who was traveling in a land cruiser, was pulled out of his crushed car, by boda boda riders, who rushed to the scene, and disentangled him, the land cruiser had three occupants’. “Another driver, Annette Kagiumu an employee of Kyagalanyi coffee, managed to jump out of her car”.

Michael Musina (2009) officer in charge of traffic in this area stated that:

‘It seems the contractors did a sub-standard work. We are investigating, and they will have to compensate, the people whose vehicles, were damaged.’ The police will soon come up with guidelines on erecting billboards in the city’. “Blaming the incident on poor workmanship by the constructor, of the billboard.” The billboard was blown of its trunk, during a heavy 9:00 am down pour.

Although the police blame poor workmanship, probably it may be due to lack of routine inspection, the billboard may have had experienced, continuous wear, and tear, brought by environmental factors.

Stephen Odongkara (2009) noted that:

‘No one was hurt, when the billboard, advertising East African Television, fell on the two cars’.

It is quite fortunate that the damage did not extend further to the occupants of the car. This would have resulted to a more catastrophic scenario, if this would have been the case.

Some people find digital billboards, dangerous, and unappealing. Opponents of digital billboards claim that, they distract drivers, which presenting a safety risk.

‘…when digital billboards change their displays, drivers may be distracted… Studies of digital billboards, have not conclusively demonstrated a safety risk, but as a federal Highway report notes: safety can be difficult to study; changes in crash frequency are subtle…few drivers identify distraction, as a cause of a crash’.

Safety can be had to study, since their bias factors involved; blaming accidents to the prevailing use of digital billboards is UN logical.

Demand media, Inc Ehow.com /story (1999-2011) notes that;

‘Accidents records show, digital billboard are not a traffic safety risk. Multiple comprehensive studies have been performed by Tantala Associates, a consulting engineering firm based in Philadelphia… Since 2007, researchers have examined years of accident data, for high ways, and local streets, in Cuyahoga County, (develand) OH, Rochester, MN, Albuquerque, NM, and reading, PA, each study reached the same conclusion. There is no correlation, between digital billboards, and traffic accidents’.

This analysis looked at: various views zones, or distances, from the digital billboards, and other factors, such as deer hits, and weather conditions (known as bias factors). The studies accounted for, differences between younger and older drivers, and driving during the day and at night. No matter how the accident data were analyzed, the conclusion was the same. Digital billboards are safe.

The federal highway administration, has noted there is “no scientific evidence” causing the government, to believe, digital billboards are unsafe.

David Bauerlein (2011) remarked that:

‘Digital, which electronically change messages, have emerged as, the leading edge, of the outdoor advertising industries growth’.

Their dynamic nature makes them favorable, attractive and communicative.

What’s your opinion about photographic and digital billboards as an outdoor media do you view them as being hazardous?


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