Outdoor Billboard signs, opportunity for your brand

billboardsOutdoor Billboard signs, opportunity for your brand

Outdoor billboard signs offer an array of services to advertiser’s who choose to use outdoor media, as it aids in

keeping the market informed of existing offers. This type of visual branding, offers advertisers, several advantages, including; being one way of branding companies, delivering maximum brand impact, and being available Twenty four hours a day, this medium ensures the advertiser reaches large audiences, and the targeted, specific groups, and ages’.

These are advantages that one can’t assume to ignore, the advertisers and the targeted market have something to smile about. However it is necessary for the licensing body to have most regulatory controls in place, of areas that are environmental sensitive, like swamps, parks, and open greens, because, they should be restricted to tourism and beautification signage.

Decades ago, the most commonly seen billboard signs, were those mainly done by, informally trained artists, using brushes, and oil paints, whereby, a message was painted, onto a wooden, or metallic stand, that was with a layer of paint.’

Slowly as technology advances, photographic billboard signs, have replaced hand painted outdoor media, which were done by hand, and by self-taught artists, and coated with layers of paints, that aided in protecting it, from the changing weather. Today digital billboard signs are replacing photographic billboard sign gradually.

rotary billboardsThere is the “rotary” billboards, and “permanent” billboard outdoor media. Each is unique in its ability to, deliver the advertisers message’… The. Rotary billboard: ‘Rotary can be moved to different locations, every 30 days. By moving this outdoor media to different high traffic place, on a regular basis, it aids to  advertise, to people who may not have had the opportunity to see them, at their earlier site. Over the course of the year, the rotary billboard sign message is seen throughout a market.

The permanent billboard: ‘Permanent billboard signs, are usually placed at extremely high traffic locations, next to freeways, express ways, or busy intersections. Many advertisers seek to keep a particular site, because of its dominance, in the market place’…

Contract period: ‘Billboard signs are usually, on a monthly unit rate schedule bases, some are on yearly, quarterly, or half-year, contract period. Contracts include, repaint for change in copy.  Frequency is generally greater, with a permanent billboard signs, because it continues to generate exposure to the same consumer’.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on outdoor media-billboard signs ?


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