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Qualitative Query

After several months of exploration I have decided to repurpose this blog to focus on the “art” of qualitative market research.

What does that mean? Well, hopefully, over time, you will help me to create a rich and varied number of answers to this question. I will begin with a series of short posts that hopefully will provide the background that will initiate a meaningful “conversation”.

Let’s begin with a fun quiz. If you see a common theme to the answers in all of these questions, then you are probably familiar with the person who has inspired me.

Squidoo is…?

  • A brand name for an Australian line of clothing
  • The waste product of a sea creature
  • A website that has over 1.5 million pages called “lenses”

(Select the space between the words “Begin” and “End” to see the answer

Begin select here –

ANSWER – A website consisting of many…

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