Marketing research

Marketing Research for a total marketing plan

As your marketing research practitioner, we handle your task on a project to project basis, with each project having a starting point and an end, taking into account the limitations imposed by time and cost. Our marketing research capabilities include:

Advertising research

1. Media research
2. Motivational research
3. Copy research, we use the following tests:

  • Advertisement mock-ups
  • Eye movement analysis
  • Readability studies
  • Use of electronic equipment
  • Schwerin test
  • Recognition and recall tests
  • Analysis of enquiries received

4. Image research
5. Media research
6. Studies of ad effectiveness

Business economics and corporate research

1. Short range forecasting (up to 1 year)
2. Long range forecasting (over 1 year)
3. Studies of business trends
4. Pricing studies
5. Plant and warehouse-location studies
6. Product mix studies
7. Acquisition studies
8. Export and international studies
9. Company-employees studies

Corporate responsibility research

1. Consumer “Right to know” studies
2. Ecological impact studies
3. Studies on legal constraints on advertising and promotion
4. Social value and policies studies

Product research

1. New product acceptance and potential
2. Competitive product studies
3. Testing of existing products
4. Packaging research design or physical characteristics

Sales and market research

1. Measurement of market potentials
2. Market share analysis
3. Determination of market characteristics
4. Sales analysis
5. Establishment of sales quotas, territories
6. Distribution channels studies
7. Test markets store audits
8. Consumer panel operations
9. Sales compensation studies

We appreciate that research projects are not susceptible to any one complete and inflexible sequence of steps, because the type of problem to be studied decides the particular steps to be taken and its order.

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