Product development

Product development and design, to the point of commercialization

Conceptualizing your product, designing and developing it through idea testing, to turn it into a tangible product, however we test your new product before you invest in product research and development in order to determine what the user benefits of your projected product is likely to be, as well as to find their individual importance and priority rating.

Whether you need to bring a new product, get change of your existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies your newly defined customers want or market niche, STAR Marketing Company is your answer, because, there are two parallel paths involved in idea generation(product design) and detail engineering; the other is market research and market analysis.We handle your task through:

Your task is handled by an experienced workforce of well qualified team liaised with operating functions-research, production, purchasing, industrial engineering, marketing, finance-in order to speed up the process of product development to the point of commercialization. We achieve results, working informally with a multidisciplinary team through existing operational units with individual priorities and vested interests.

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